Starving/ Ravenous

6 7 Extremely hungry

Not at all hungry

Extremely hungry

Figure 1 Examples of different types of scales used in the assessment of hunger: (A) fixed-point scale with points defined, (B) fixed-point scale, and (C) visual analog scale.

perceptually the same as the difference between 80 and 90 mm. Nor can a hunger rating of 80 mm be said to represent a feeling of hunger that is twice the intensity of that rated at 40 mm. Related to this is the problem of 'end effects.' This refers to the reluctance of a minority of subjects to make ratings away from the upper or lower end points of the scale, despite clear instructions. Despite these limitations, data from such scales are often analyzed using parametric statistical procedures, such as analysis of variance, and in general this appears to be a satisfactory approach.

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