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Infants <1 month

Bandung Indonesia Madurai, India Sarlahi, Nepal

Infants 1-5 months

Sarlahi, Nepal Jumla, Nepal

Infants <6 months

Sarlahi, Nepal

Children 6-72 months

Aceh, Indonesia West Java, Indonesia Tamil Nadu, India Hyderabad, India Sarlahi, Nepal Jumla, Nepal Khartoum, Sudan Northern Ghana

Pregnant/lactating women

Sarlahi, Nepal

15 mg RAE at birth 7.2 mg RAE at birth 15 mg RAE ~1-3 weeks of age

30 mg RAE 15 mg RAE

7mg RAE/week to mothers

60 mg RAE/6 months 0.81 mg RAE/day 2.5 mg RAE/week 60 mg RAE/6 months 60 mg RAE/4 months 60 mg RAE/5 months 60 mg RE/6 months 60 mg RE/4 months

7 mg RAE/week

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