Peanut Avoidance

Peanut is also known as groundnut or arachis, so these three names need to be sought on labels of manufactured foods as well as some pharmaceutical products. The difficulty comes with 'vegetable oil,' which may include peanut oil; only by writing to the manufacturer of individual products can the composition of the vegetable oil be determined. It is not known to what extent subjects with peanut allergy should avoid peanut oil. Most peanut oil used in food manufacture is highly refined, and contains only very minute quantities of peanut protein. In a number of small-scale studies, subjects with peanut allergy were found not to react when given highly refined peanut oil. However, it remains possible that such oil contains traces of protein sufficient to result in enhanced reactivity, such that when the subject does ingest peanut accidentally the reaction is worse than previously. On this basis, subjects with peanut allergy should really be advised to avoid peanut oil.

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