The Measurement of Hunger

The process of measuring hunger is not as straightforward as it might seem. One reason is the frequently raised mistrust of subjective reports. Critics point to the variability in response between individuals and the absence of any objective 'standard' by which internal experience can be calibrated. However, as argued later, this issue of 'validity' is more complex than this criticism suggests. A second reason is the failure to appreciate the distinction made previously between an individual's assessment of his or her disposition to eat and inferring hunger from the amount of food consumed or from some part of the act of eating (e.g., eating speed). While in many circumstances they will be

(A) How hungry do you feel?

0 1 2 Full Indifferent Peckish

(B) How hungry do you feel?

1 2 3 Not at all hungry

(C) How hungry do you feel?

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