Transmembrane Pathway IV

Transport processes for sodium, potassium, and chloride exist on the basal and apical plasma

Table 2 Major fatty acids of human and bovine milk (wt%)

Fatty acid

Human milk

Western diet

Nigerian diet

Bovine milk

Saturated fatty acids

Medium and intermediate chain (formed in mammary gland)

8:0, octanoic acid 0.46

10:0, decanoic acid 1.03

12:0, lauric acid 4.40

14:0, myristic acid 6.27 Long chain

16:0, palmitic acid 22.0

18:0, stearic acid 8.06

Monounsaturated fatty acids

16:1 n-7 (cis), palmitoleic acid 3.29

Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) (essential fatty acids)

18:2 n-6, linoleic acid 10.76

18:3 n-3, linolenic acid 0.81 Long-chain PUFA (n-6)

18:3 n-6, 7-linolenic acid 0.16

20:3 n-6, dihomo-7-linolenic acid 0.26

20:4 n-6, arachadonic acid 0.36 Long-chain PUFA (n-3)

20:5 n-3, eicosapentenoic acid 0.04

22:6 n-3, docashexenoic acid 0.22

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