Transport and Distribution

The zinc pool in plasma is relatively small, representing only about 0.1% of total body zinc. It circulates bound to albumin and a-2-macroglobulin, and about 3% is complexed with amino-acids. About fivefold greater amounts of zinc are found in whole blood, with erythrocytes accounting for about 75% of the total. However, about 85% of erythrocyte zinc is com-plexed within carbonic anhydrase and therefore does not exchange easily. The egress of zinc from the circulation across endothelial cells and into tissues of the body is not well understood. Uptake in association with albumin has been suggested, but members of the ZIP family of transporters are likely to play a role here. The tissue distribution of zinc is relatively uniform. All cells require the mineral, and no cell stores it. The concentration of zinc in the adult human is about

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