Types of Programs and Interventions

The types of interventions that form part of national nutrition policies in both developing and developed countries tend to be limited to palliative measures such as vitamin supplementation, nutrition education, and child feeding programs because many of the underlying factors that lead to malnutrition, such as unemployment, low wages, and land tenure arrangements, involve fundamental economic and political interests that are much more difficult and contentious to address. In developed countries, which are by definition richer, the governments generally provide economic safety nets for the unemployed, disabled, and other disadvantaged sections of the population. These people have to be cared for by extended family or other means in developing countries. The pattern of programs is therefore different between developed and developing countries because of differences in the nutritional problems and the wealth of the population and government. However, the types of programs are similar. The types of interventions that affect nutrition can be divided into general categories summarized in Table 1.

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