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Headache tops the list of common scourges of mankind. It is so common that everybody suffers from it at some time or another. When the problem becomes chronic and recurrent, life becomes miserable.

Medicines and 'over-the-counter' pills worth millions of rupees are purchased every year by the victims of headache. However, none of them is absolutely safe, especially when consumed over a prolonged period.

Common causes and features of headache have been tabulated below.


Distinguishing features

Mental tension, resulting into tension of facial, scalp and neck muscles

Colds and sinusitis

Victim admits to be facing unfavourable circumstances and of possessing a worrying nature. Headache is usually mild and may be located anywhere : front, top or back of the head.

Victim gives a history of colds, which have gone to the head! Severe pain usually in the forehead or about the eyes, which gets worse on stooping or coughing.

Cause /Type

Distinguishing features

3 Visual problems

Mild pain in the forehead, occuringonly after the eyes have been used, for hours together, in tasks requiring a lot of concentration. Headache is relieved if eyes are rested for a while.

4 Migraine

Vascular headache, usually affecting one half of the head; cause is unknown but some consider it psychological. Pain is very severe and many a time subsides only after a bout of vomitting.

Reflex Zone Therapy :

(A) General treatment of the whole body : Start with general treatment as detailed on Page 33

(B) Specific treatment of the head : The head is represented chiefly on the two big toes. Place the left foot on the right thigh. Steady this foot with the left hand. Now start 'walking' your right thumb over the left big toe, in small steps, taking care not to omit even a smallest spot. During such probing, every time you encounter a sore spot, stop moving the thumb further and with its tip give deep alternating pressure for about a minute.

After covering the entire left big toe (including its sides), reverse the positions of the legs and in a similar manner stimulate the trigger area for the head on the right big toe.

For chronic or recurrent headache, repeat this treatment twice a day.

(C) For very severe headache : Tie small rubber-bands on both big toes (or all toes) for 10-12 minutes. During this period, if the toes turn black or start paining, remove the rubber-bands for a while (till the normal colour returns) and then tie them again.

Note : If the headache tends to recur, the underlying cause should be sought and treated.

Headsche Zone
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