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Diploma in Acupressure (D. Ac.)

Acupressure is a Chinese therapy in which specific points on the skin are methodically pressed to exert a healthy influence on internal organs and thereby eradicate diseases. If the same points are stimulated with needles, the treatment is called Acupuncture.

Magnet Therapy is an effective method of treatment in which suitable artificial magnets are applied to the affected parts of the body to treat diseases. Energy emitted by magnets is utilized to restore health.

Diploma in Naturopathy (N. D.)

Naturopathy is an excellent therapeutic science in which diseases are treated using forces of Nature like food, water, exercises/ Yogasanas, clay, sun-energy, etc. Since no chemical medicines are used, side-effects are ruled out.

Certificate in Homoeopathic Medicine (C. H. M.)

Among the methods of curative treatment, Homoeopathy enjoys a place of pride. Extremely diluted medicines are used in micro-doses to enhance the body's immunity. Homoeopathic medicines do not cause any adverse side-effects.

Certificate in Clinical Methods (C. C. M.)

The objective of this course is to teach the elements of clinical methods to practitioners of alternative therapies. The syllabus includes : (1) Interrogation of the patient (case-taking and recording),

(2) Physical examination (pulse. BP. chest, abdomen, joints).

(3) Interpretation of common laboratory-reports.

These courses can be undertaken by correspondence too. Enrol today to open the doors to natural, vibrant health.

For details contact Dr. Dhiren Gala, b.p.t.,d.h.m.s.,d.o.,„ c.g.o„ c.c.h.,a.r.s.h.

Abbas Building 'A', 1st floor, Near Tilak Market, Jalbhai Road, Grant Road (East), MUMBAI-400 004.

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Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine

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