Problems Of The Liver

Jaundice; Hepatitis

Liver is the largest organ of the oody weighing about kg. It is a gigantic, multipurpose chemical factory which carries out a host of activities, notable among which are aetoxification of the blooo and production of an important digestive juice called the bile.

Had it not been for the liver, it would be impossible for us to consume substances like alcohol and deadly chemicals (in the form of medicines) with imounity.

The most common disease of liver dysfunction is jaundice, characterized by a yellow discoloration of the sk;n, nails, eyes, mucous membranes and excretions. Other symptoms include nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and extreme fatigue. Jaundice is usually caused either by a viral infection of the liver (viral hepatitis) or an obstruction to the flow of bile.

Alcohol acts as a poison on the liver. Prolonged consumption of large quantit' *sof alcohol damages the liver and gives rise to a grave condition called cirrhosis.

Des. te vociferous claims to the contrary, medicinal treatment for jaundice is, at best, palliative or sjpportive.

Reflex Zone Therapy .

(A) General treatment of the whole body : Start with general treatment as described on page 33.

(B) Specific treatment of the liver : The fiver is represented on both soles as shown in the adjoiningdiagram. V'sualizethe 'liverarea' on your own feet. If necessary, delineate it with a pen.

Now, place tne left foot on the right thigh. Steady this toot with the left hand. Now, start 'walking' the thumb over the liver area, in small steps, taking care not to omit even a smallest spot. During such prob' ig, every time you encounter a sore spot, stop moving the thumb further and with its ■ ip, give deep, alternating pressure for about a minute.

After covering the entire liver area on the left sole, reverse the positions of the legs and in a similar manner, stimulate the trigger area for the liver on the right sole.

Repeat this treatment twice a day.

Headsche Zonen
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