Problems Of The Urinary Bladdfr Urethra

Cystitis; Urethritis; Bed-wetting in Children

The kidneys constantly filter blood and form urine. This trickles along the ureters to reach the urinary bladder, where it starts accumulating When the b,adder gets full, there is a desire to pass urine. Then, the band-like sphincier muscie at the bottom of the bladder is let loose and urine passes through the urethra to reach the exterior.

Inflammations of the urinary bladder and the urethra are termed cystitis and urethritis respectively. Women suffer from these problems more frequently than men. Symptoms include: pain in the lower abdomen ;ust above the genitals, burning sensation while or after passing urine, desire to pass more urine even after the bladder has Deen emptied, cloudy and/or foul-smelling urine, etc.

Another problem associated with the bladder is bed-wetting in children. A child loses control over its bladde- and passes urine in the bed at might, Usually, no obvious cause can be aetected for this problem.

Reflex Zone Therapy

(A) General treatment of the whole body : Start with general treatment as described on page 33.

(B) Specific treatment of the bladder . The urinary bladder is represented less on the sole but more on the medial (inner) aspect of the heel as shown in the adjoining figure.

Place the left foot on the right thigh. Sieady this foot with the left hand. Now, with the tip of the right thumb, give deep, alternating p-essure, first on the sole part and then on the heel part of the bladder area, for about a minute each

Next, reverse the positions of the legs and in a similar mariner-stimulate the trigger areas for the bladder on the right foot.

Repeat this treatment tw;ce a d?y.

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