Reflexology In Disorders Of The Reproductive System

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PROBLEMS OF MEN HyjJfocele; Varicocele; Enlarged prostate; Impotence; Oligospermia

Hydrocele is a collection of fluid in the layers of tissue surrounding the testicle. It is characterized by a swelling in the scrotum which is not painful but only uncomfortable.

Varicocele is the varicosed condition of veins in the spermatic cord, forming a scrotal swelling that feels like a 'bag of worms'. Varicocele is usually harmless.

Prostatic enlargement is a common disorder of elderly males. Prostate is a plum-sized gland that surrounds the first part of the urethra. An enlarged prostate may press upon the urethra to cause (a) an obstruction to the flow of urine which comes out drop-wise, (b) retention of some urine in the bladder due to which there is a constant urge to urinate, (c) sometimes, burning or pain while passing urine.

Impotence means absent or deficient erection of the penis when attempting sexual intercourse. It is mostly psychological, a result of anxiety. The problem is so distressing that victims run helter-skelter for medical help and fall a prey to unscrupulous quacks.

Oligospermia means a low count of sperms in the semen, making it difficult for a male to fertilize a female.

Reflex Zone Therapy :

(A) General treatment of the whole body : Start with general treatment as described on page 33.

(B) Specific treatment of the genital organs : The genital organs (the penis, the testicles, the prostate) are located on the inner sides of the two heels (see the adjoining diagram).

With the tip of the thumb, press first on the medial side of the left heel and then on the medial side of the right heel, for about a minute each.

Repeat this treatment twice a day.

Inner surface

Inner surface

Zone Therapy Reflexology

Outer surface

Outer surface

Inner surface

Inner surface

PR'ihLt vis >f WOMEN Menstrual ( sorders; Leucorrhoea

Menstrual disorders and leucorrhoea (white discharge) are common problems of women. However, out of a feeling of shame and embarrassment many women do not disclose their problems and continue to suffer silently.

Dysmenorrhoea means 'painful menses'. During the days ot menstrual flow, there is pain in abdomen, back, thighs and breasts. Moreover, there may De muscular cramps, headaches, general lassitude and easy irritability. If similar but less severe symptoms appear â– mmediately before the menses, the condition is called pre-menstrjal syndrome.

Normally, menses flow about 11 to 13 times in a year. If the frequency is less, the condition is called oligomenorrhoea.

Menorrhagia means excessive bleeding during menses.

Leucorrhoea is a common feminine disorder characterized by a discharge of thi k white fluid between (usually just before and after) menses. Discharge of only a small quantity of white fluid may be considered normal, but flow of excessive and foul-smelling fluid is a sign of an infection of vag la and/or uterus by fungi.

Reflex Zone Therapy :

(A) General treatment of the whole aody : Start with general treatment as desc ribed on page 33.

(B) Specific treatment of the genital organs : The genital organs of a woman are represented on the foot In the form of a band around the front aspect o< the ankle (see the adjoining diagram).

Place the left foot on the right thigh. Start 'walking' the right thumb along the trigger band in small steps, taking care not to omit even a smallest spot. During such probing, every time you encounter a sore spot, stop moving the thumb further and with its tip give deep, alternating pressure for about a minute.

Next, reverse the positions of the legs ard with the left thumb stimulate the trigger a-eas for the genital organs on the right foot.

Repeat this treatment twice a day.

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