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Morning sickness (vomiting during pregnancy)

Occasional, slight vcmitmg ir, the morning is a commor problem of early pregnancy. This, usually, does no harm and suDsides on its own by the end of the third month of pregnancy. Sometimes, however, it extends even into the second trimester of pregnancy and/or assumes a severer form thereby underlining health.

Causes ot vomiting during early pregnancy are not clearly understood. Marked hormonal and metabolic changes are considered to be responsible for this.

Reflex Zone Therapy can go a long way towards alleviating this problem

Reflex Zone Therapy :

(A) General treatment of the whofe body : Start with general treatment as described on page 33.

(B) Specific treatment of the pituitary, the oesophagus and the stomach -.With your thumb-tiD give deep, alternating pressure on the centre of each big toe for about a minute.

Next, start walking your rignt thumb over the trigger areas for the oesophagus and the stomach (see the adjoining diagram) in small steps, taking care not to omit even a smallest spot. During such probing, every time you encounter a sore spot, stop and give deep, alternating pressure for about a minute In this manner, covei the entire trigger areas for the stomach and the oesophagus on the two feet.

Repeat this treatment twice a day

(C) Pinching the web (skin) between the big and the second toes for a minute or two also helps.

(D) In very bad cases tie small rubber-barids on the big and the second toes of both the feet for 10-12 minutes During this period, If a toe starts paining or turns black, remove the concerned band for a while (till the normal colour returns) and then reapply it. Repeal as often as required

Rhgtil sole

Left sole

Left sole

Headsche Zonen

Inner surface Inner surface

Inner surface Inner surface

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Alternative Medicine

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