Tonsils are small masses of lymphoid tissues, one lying on either side of the back of the mouth. They work like guards, intercepting all micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, etc.) that happen to enter the nose or the mouth and preventing them from going deeper into the body. In turn, the tonsils themselves become inflammed (termed tonsillitis) causing pain in the throat, difficulty in swallowing and sometimes fever.

Tonsillitis is mainly a childhood problem, seen only occasionally in adults.

A common way of treating swollen tonsils is to remove them by surgery. This operation, called tonsillectomy, is considered the bread and butter of ENT surgeons. Indeed, millions of tonsillectomies are performed every year by doctors who make gullible parents to believe that tonsils are potent sources of infection and unless removed, may cause repeated attacks of colds, cough, sore throat, etc. In cities, very few children reach their teens with the tonsils intact. However, numerous studies conducted world-wide have shown that there is no reduction in the incidences of colds and cough in children without tonsils as compared to children with tonsils.

In conclusion, we would affirm that tonsils are not useless unlike the appendix, in fact, they serve a protective function. If they are removed, your child's first line of defence against infection is lost forever.

Reflex Zone Therapy :

(A) General treatment of the whole body : Start with general treatment as described on page 33.

(B) Specific treatment of the tonsils : The tonsils are represented chiefly at the bases of the 3rd (middle) and the 4th toes as shown in the adjoining diagram.

Place the left foot on the right thigh. With the thumb and the index finger, press the bases of the middle and the 4th toes, each for about a minute, in an alternating manner.

Then, reverse the positions of the legs and similarly stimulate the trigger areas for the tonsils on the right foot.

Repeat this treatment twice a day.

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